Thank You

To all our members and Friends of Second Pride:

I would like to at this time as Chair and on behalf of the Board of Directors extend to all of you our sincere and appreciative thanks for your support during Second Pride’s annual festival that happened June 19-28th.

Thank you to those who were in attendance over the 10 days at Second Pride and for those who donated for your financial support. Our volunteers who gave of their time in ensuring the success of this fantastic event without you the we would not have done as well as we have.

I want to pay special homage to my fellow board members who have work their butt of with their time and talents. Jak Calcut our Builder who spent countless hours on the sim getting things ready along with Marge Beaumont – Treasure. Tootsie Nootan-Security who was there from the first event to the last event each day your dedication to Second Pride is truly amazing.

Karl Kalcheck – Community Relations, your experience and knowledge has paid off with Second Pride I learn from you the hard way and appreciate all your efforts in ensuring this organization continues on. Viktor Titanium our Secretary you came on to the board about 10 days before pride and you step right into it your efforts although short did help make Second Pride a bit better.

Last but not least LLedge Eames – Events Director thank you for arranging all our entertainment during pride you been blessed with the gift and talent and kept me on my toes with message via skype. People it was not me alone as Chair it was the volunteers the board and even ex board members Kharissa Indigo and Baz Ceawlin for their time and talents.

Our Platinum Sponsors Bock McMillan and Casper Warden I bow to you in gratitude for you donations of the extra sims for the 10 day event.

With a humble heart I say Thank You –
Ezzie Mirabella –
Second Pride Chair 201

Annual General Meeting

Saturday, August 1, 2015 at Noon SLT

Please be informed the Board of Directors of Second Pride will have a General Meeting
In the Second Pride Headquarters Conference Hall.


1: Call To Order:
2: Department Reports:
    Please let us proceed to the Departmental Reports:
    A: Chair
    B: Build:
    C: Events:
    D: Community Relations
    E: Security
    F: Treasurer Report
    G: IT
3: Elections Procedures:
4: Adjourn